Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great Quotes:

Sister Juana De La Cruz (a nun with TENACITY, justifiably referred to as "The Bridge to Enlightenment") :

"Or who the greater quilt does win,
... She who sins because she's paid,
Or he who pays so he may sin?"

Author Unknown:

"A peacock that sits on it's tail feathers is just another turkey."


"If you were here
I know that you would
Truly be amazed
At what's become of what you made
If you were here
You would know how I treasured every day
How every single word you spoke
Echo's in me like a memory of hope

When you were here
You could not feel the value that I placed
On every look that crossed your face
When you were here
I did not know just how I had embraced
All that you hid behind your face
Could not hide from me
'Cause it hid in me too
Now that I'm here I hear you and wonder if maybe you can hear yourself
Ringing in me now that your somewhere else.
'Cause I hear your strange music gentle and true
Singing inside me with the best parts of you

Now that I'm here
I hope somewhere you here them too
Now that I'm here
I love you...

... it's OK, you can go now.

~ this song still haunts me every time I hear it

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