Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Refusing to Perish

Refusing to Perish

A distant thunder rumbles through me,
Lightning electrifies my frozen veins.
Rain saturates my weary soul,
Feels like a Tornado - bound by chains.

Winding winds extinguish the fire,
Of my wayward and wanton heart,
This storm, this catastrophe never ceases!
Tighter and tighter - it tears me apart.

Each thrust, backed by a harsh monsoon,
An inquisition I can never escape...
Sand blinds my eyes, too weak to stand,
My body, reduced to a poor, mangled shape.

Refusing to Perish - I struggle to feet,
ReFusing to Perish - I stumble and fall -
Amidst the storm, I shall prevail!
Not ready, but willing to face any wall.

--Kat Roessler