Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Transplanting:

This is how I felt about moving to Tennessee.  Thankfully, my sentence here soon shall end!

On Transplanting…

Beyond the shadow of a doubt -
Where corners hide uncertain fears,
My heart lies torn and slowly shatters -
A dreaded beginning draws ever near.

Choices ripe with steadfast daggers,
Await me in unconquered place.
Controlled, contrived, complacent smiles
Shall mask my now crestfallen face.

Patience, courage, see me through,
Weary heart, must find the will
To flee from homeland security,
Shadow dreams I now must kill.

I welcome risk and weather falls,
Bruised, not beaten and soon shall rise –
Above the shadows, above the cold,
Petrifying this part that dies.


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