Saturday, April 30, 2011


Let's start with some poetry:


Solemn smiles in gilded frames,
Sins protected by solid names.
Picasso concepts held hostage by words,
Moons fleet then turn into broken birds.
Weathered willows with dew adorning –
Self-harm apprehended by early morning.
Predisposed as futile servants of the sun –
In a dichotomous world, there will be only one...
One of a thousand faded flames,
Bartered souls – to maids from dames.
Intuitive spirits sequestered by doubt –
Children sink, are orphaned and posed to pout.
Desperately seeking what cannot be sought –
Take heed, eager viewers, she cannot be bought!
Though frightened to feel and frightened to fail… Battered-beaten-bold Beauty isn't for sale.
--K. Roessler

copyright 2005 by Kathryn Roessler

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  1. Welcome love!! Love the writing, keep 'em coming hun and best of luck getting published! I love you!