Friday, April 29, 2011

Sonnet For My Newborn

-- for all of my Mommy friends!

Newborn's Sonnet

His grin flashes like lightning,
His eyes – a fathomless storm of blue.
His smile shall dance upon your mind –
Linger there, and captivate you.

Each movement is pure and raw emotion,
Each cry – a siren that shatters the night.
He weeps, and my heart ceases to beat,
His laughter is effervescent light.

My baby slumbers and the universe rests,
And life is so new at the start of each day!
My son, my world, my perfect creation,
Steals nearly each of my breaths away.

This song is for you, precious child of mine,
My heart, love and life shall be forever thine.

--K.Roessler  7/2008

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