Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Poetry


Mercury dancing in autumn rain,
Twine, intertwine - a footprint stain.
Falling swiftly, through leaves October -
Fizzled to stay safe-sane-and-sober.

Firm captive in opaque, endless night -
Ceaselessly waiting for dawn’s first light.
Imprisoned in seventh circle of hell,
Fearing eternity in venomous cell.

Tethered to Earth - but there she goes,
The beautiful, luscious, violent rose…
Out of the shadows, out of her plight,
Into brightest light - and out of your sight.

Bound to break free before she feigns -
Tethered by only Manmade chains.

--K.Roessler (Sonnet 2011)


  1. I think you just opened the door that exposes your brilliance, beauty, and astonishinly creative inner self. Keep that door open and give the world more of your intellectual buffet. I chose all that you wrote and posted here for my sheer enjoyment. I cried, understand, and applaud you as a person and writer. You have a gift. Your grandmother was so right. Thank you for sharing.
    M.J. R.

  2. Thank You to anyone who supports or can offer insight into my endeavor!!
    Love you ALL!!