Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sleep Well My Sweet

: I wrote this when I was 14


I have but now to talk of dreams,
And Lover's love of what it seems.
Not of truth, but lies I speak,
Out of favor, love is weak.
If brawling love makes loving hate,
What, then, dust thou dost create?
Parting not, is sorrow sweet?
In parting thus, a freezing heat.
Love starts no deeper than one's eye -
Star-crossed choice : do or die,
This tangled web that we are weaving,
-A heartless effort in deceiving!
Still walking sleeps that cease to end,
Oppressions tears, that pretend-
Provoked madness, most discreet...
In groaning sadness, "Sleep well, My Sweet."

--K.Roessler circa 1996


  1. This is, obviously, inspired by Romeo and Juliet. I wrote this poem right after reading it the first time.

  2. I remember this! I tried to write something like it and it was nowhere near as good as yours!

  3. You REMEMBER this?? My god, I LOVE you!! Shan, do you remember our freshman year we went to see the CLaire Danes/Leo Dicaprio Romeo and Juliet in the theater together? This was a huge deal because I was never allowed to go ANYWHERE with friends, lol.

    Elaine Livingstone hit the nail on the head - she read this yesterday and said, "Did you write that during Mrs. Aliano's English class whilst reading Romeo and Juliet?!"

    Bingo, Elaine! ;)